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posted 15 Aug 2018, 15:13 by TERMINAL   [ updated 15 Aug 2018, 15:13 ]

CLIENT UNIX: 1497084040
Hey, I guess we're up.
Indeed. No person on earth would think to try intercept this channel.
Alright, so I guess let's get started.
Right, let's go over what we know.
First, An Unknown entity is hunting down users of #####
Hunting might be a strong word...
Hunting is the right word. 
They aren't physically hurting the users on their own,
but with the scale of damage, we have to assume they know what they were doing
Right, so what are we going to do? Wait for ##### and the others?
At the moment that seems our safest option. 
We have no idea who the attacker is, how they got in, or what organisation they work with.
Any chance it's a lone wolf?
Highly unlikely.
The power needed for ##### ##### ##### ##### alone makes me think this was a professional attack. 
Even if we have one attacker, somebody is backing them could be an enemy, or possibly ##### #####.
What about us?
For some reason it looks like the attack has averted us, or even overlooked us as part of the system. 
I don't know why, but it looks like we're safe from whoever this is.
All we can do for now is try find out what we can from outside and hope ##### survives

#038 Anniversary

posted 10 Jun 2018, 13:48 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 10 Jun 2018, 13:49 ]

"Raise a Glass to the four of us, tomorrow there'll be more of us, telling the story of tonight" - Hamilton the Musical, The Story of Tonight

Exactly a year ago today, I got bored, started a site and began to write. And now here it is, 38 posts later, with a twitter account and a few followers. I don't really care how many people consistently look at this site. It was started as a way to write down thoughts, and that's still what it is. No matter what any friend, family or Neo-Nazi Trump supporter says (Yes, I am talking to one idiot in particular here 😉) Anyway, here's to another year of writing whatever the hell comes to mind, especially with 2 writers now, Nothing can stop us =P.

#037 Ripples

posted 6 Jun 2018, 01:56 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 6 Jun 2018, 01:57 ]

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr.

One of the first things we're taught is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It applies to physics but that doesn't mean it's not true of society. Every word we say has the power to change lives or destroy them. The range of people and opinions in the world mean a lot of actions can do both at once. No matter what you do, somebody agrees with it and someone else seems to get offended by it. In some cases, they will share it with their friends and family, who then share it again, and thus the game of Chinese whispers commences, and the ripple begins to spread. The strange thing about this is how unpredictable it is. Some words lie hidden forever, while some are just waiting for the right person to pick them up again and start the ripple effect, ready to spread to the world. I guess that's the thing about living on a globe. If your message spreads far enough it'll eventually get back to you, though maybe in a morphed way from the hundreds of slight changes that have been made. Whether the message is lost in translation or intentionally changed, some messages seem to spread their ripples in the wrong direction, unintended by the sender.  

In the age of technology, to attempt to stop a ripple is just stupid. It grows exponentially so unless someone has exponential power, it's going to reach everyone it was intended to,  That doesn't mean you can't stop the effect of a ripple, however. If a larger message spreads in the same territory, the old message can be drowned out by the new one, engulfed by its waves. But then how do we stop the waves of someone who seems to be able to drown out any message he wants? Simple. If millions of people combine their small ripples as one, it interferes with the large wave, and if it's big enough, even engulfs it. Right now there are many people combining a message, and there's no sign of the growth stopping. So, now we just wait for people to slowly realise they're on the wrong side. Anyway, Thought Over,

- Aaron

#036 Ignorance

posted 6 Jun 2018, 01:56 by Jennifer Hunter   [ updated 4 Jul 2018, 02:32 ]

Ignorance ˈɪɡn(ə)r(ə)ns/
A lack of knowledge or information.

Sometimes as I'm talking with people, I find their ability to ignore facts incredible. Once they have their opinion, they seem to build a form of mental wall around it, blocking any opposition by either claiming the argument is completely false where possible, or by trying to oppose the argument with what they believe to be a valid counter argument (Ironically with no proof of their claim, except they don't seem to see the irony when their claim is also called completely false). Through this analogy, It's often easy to spot a lack of intelligence. 

As I was talking with people of this type recently, I began to notice certain continuous behaviours. First, they seemed to put themselves on a form of pedestal, where what they believed appeared  as obvious fact, even though it was clearly simply an opinion (And a highly misguided one at that). Second, using this view, they seem to talk down to anyone who voices any opinion that contradicts theirs. It's almost as if you had tried to explain that the sky is not blue, or that glass is not transparent, rather than disagree with a debatable fact on which they are on the losing side. 

It has become clear in recent years that the intelligent are beginning to find a voice, and from here I can only expect for the ignorant to drown while refusing to swim in the ideas that would save them. I plan to help the correct side as much as possible, and watch the others continue laughing while they fail from their own incompetence. Over and Out,

- Jenny

#035 Karma

posted 2 Jun 2018, 06:05 by Jennifer Hunter   [ updated 2 Jun 2018, 06:07 ]

karma ˈkɑːmə,ˈkəːmə/
the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

I don't suppose many people reading this will believe in Karma. I also suppose that out of all people, I should be the last person to believe in it. I've always seen problems with religion. Why do people need an all-powerful being to tell them to do the right thing? Why can we not just accept that we won't move anywhere if we don't move for others? No society in history has ever risen from racism and sexism, homophobia and hate, and yet people ignore this and continue to rely on a god to tell them not to pointlessly insult people. Although people who see the world like this still exist, the world seems to move past them regardless. This small piece of truth is what ultimately makes me unsure about a greater force. I believe in science and facts, but now the fact remains, bad things seem to happen to bad people. Maybe not publicly, and maybe not instantly, but definitely.

Maybe Karma is a consequence of humanity. We are designed and evolved to think about our actions. The only way a person can stop themselves going down is by convincing themselves that what they are doing is for justice and ultimately is the right thing. This seems to be ironic, as the people actually doing the right thing would think in a similar way. This means all bad people can understand what the greater good is, they are simply misguided of what the greater good is. However, convincing your mind that wrong is right causes it's own problems. It will become apparent to others that you are delusional, and your Karma will be delivered.

When some people talk about Karma, they seem to want an immediate consequence to an action. If, say, a person murders someone, some people seem to want a bolt of lightning to immediately take them out, delivering fatal Karma. To me, I believe that would be pointless. If Karma was instant, it would be clear what people could and couldn't do. In typical human fashion, people would use this borderline to act as bad as possible without retribution, and unless the bar was set high, people would still insult each other, still avoid and isolate people for no good reason.

I think subtle and unreliable Karma is exactly what is needed. If someone doesn't know where the line is, they can never be sure if they will have to pay for their actions. They can't be borderline racist if they are unsure where the line is. It means only the bad are punished by the system. If someone is good, they need not have fear of being punished. If someone is bad, then every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and they will soon learn it the hard way.

Of course, there is the alternate view, that while the payment for our actions in this life may not be apparent, we will find it in death. The idea that in heaven or hell, or in reincarnation, we will pay for our sins. I think it would need to be an incredibly complex system to accurately offer retribution for any single sin, but then, if we allow a magical man in the sky who instantly creates a universe which includes the evidence to disprove himself, I suppose a complex system wouldn't be out of the question either. Over and Out,

- Jenny

#034 My Second Blog Post

posted 1 Jun 2018, 12:53 by Jennifer Hunter   [ updated 1 Jun 2018, 12:54 ]

A formal presentation of one person to another, in which each is told the other's name.

First off, for anyone who has observational abilities of any description mainly involving the first line of these posts, you may have noticed I am not Aaron. My name is Jennifer A.K.A Jenny and I am a Co-Writer here now, because apparently some opinions are best left unsaid, hence I'm here to say them anyway. I personally don't see the point in having dozens of contradicting quotes in posts, so I'm starting my articles with definitions. They serve the same purpose, providing flavour text and giving a small idea of what a given post is about. I'll be talking on a similar topic to Aaron of: "whatever I feel like posting", probably about injustice and equality in the world. I'll also be helping with certain projects of the Network, which you should see in due time. I honestly could not care less if people can't understand my posts. I am writing for the intelligent, not the ignorant. In other news, I'm using purple as my signature colour, for no reason other than it looks good. So now I suppose is where I need to think of a watermarked way to end my posts. I'll just use a random overused post ending. Over and Out,

- Jenny

#033 🔘 Future of Creation

posted 30 May 2018, 06:20 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 4 Jun 2018, 04:05 ]


"Art speaks where words are unable to explain." - Mathiole

In tthe future, I can see a world run by the creators. By the artists, the musicians and the inventors. All the people who spend teir time producing sometheng from nothing. We've been run by all the serious businessmen in black suits and ties for a long time, maybe it's time to allow the world to be developed by the developers, be sculpted by the sculptors, and built up by the architegts. All the people who look at a a pile of materials and only see the possibilities of what it could becomme. If we take that epproach to building a society, surely we can only go up from here. All the creators do what they do because they like to create their own forms of art. They're rarely motivated by money, only for the perfection of what they make. If such a system was set up correctly, society could progress faster than any time in history.  We would have a team of people, working to innovate and improve everything they see. It would be a perfect, progressive world.

But i guess that won't happen anytime soon. The greedy are in power and will make up excuses like "They aren't qualified to run anything" even though some of the best leaders in history were acting not from teachings about the way a system "should" be run, but from how common sensse tells them it has to be. Of course, alla the people who would rather follow someone else's opinions instead of thinking forf themselves will ignore facts to just do whatever their "great leader" has done, soo till that generation dies off I guess we're stuck. Maybe in the future, we'll learn from our mistakes and actually progress instead f spending decades fighting something that shouldn't be an argument. Anyway, thought Over,

- Aaron

#032 Morphing Words

posted 21 May 2018, 02:29 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 21 May 2018, 02:30 ]

"But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought." - George Orwell

Sometimes the idea of different languages seems to be inconsistent. At some points people act as if the words we use to communicate are set in stone, and there's no way for anyone to change them. But then words like selfie and the phrase "squad goals" are official words in all major dictionaries, not because they make sense, but because people use them to communicate. It's the same story that led to the worldwide use of emojis. Phone companies in Japan had used them due to their larger character sets, and when Unicode got around to adding Japanese characters to the database, they had to add emoji too, as it was a officially recognised way to communicate with one another, and now emoji are understood globally. I think it's sometimes forgotten that every word exists because there was a need for it. There was no word for a strange egg laying creature walking around, so the word "Chicken" was created for it. 

But the part that I find interesting is the case of words like "dice", when mistakes become language. Originally, the singular of dice was die, so anyone saying they were throwing a dice was told they were wrong. But then something strange happened. People started using dice as the singular word more and more, until eventually, people stopped trying to correct the "mistake" and started just using it themselves, and after a few years, all major dictionaries accepted dice as both the singular and plural, making it no longer technically a mistake anymore. And this happens with contractions too. words like gonna and Imma are accepted by most dictionaries as official contractions, though mostly as informal or slang words. I think the point is, if enough people make a mistake, it no longer is recognised as one. I mean the definition of mistake is "an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong." but if nobody recognises it as wrong anymore, then nobody can claim it's a mistake. 

Speaking of mistaken words, I noticed that when I first typed nobody as noone, it's underlined as a spelling error. After looking it up, there seems to be a small amount of debate about whether noone can be used in place of no one (even no-one seems to be an acceptable spelling). Some people say that as nobody and nowhere as single words are correct, noone as one word should also be correct. Officially, no one as two words is the "correct" way to write it, as two vowels next to each other make it seem like it could be pronounced "noon". But like I've just mentioned, if lots of people are making the mistake, maybe it'll soon become an official spelling. So really, the entire job of a grammarian or linguist is flawed, since the rules they use to tell people if they're right or wrong are changing constantly. If they can't tell someone they're wrong about their grammar without knowing whether they'll be correct in a months time, what's the point in correcting them? I think as long as it's understood by the intended audience, it doesn't matter if it's not recognised officially by giant dictionary companies, since they don't seem to be that reliable. Anyway, Thought Over,

- Aaron


posted 14 May 2018, 06:49 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 20 May 2018, 08:34 ]


#030 🔒 The Hidden Evil Pt.1

posted 10 May 2018, 07:09 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 10 May 2018, 07:27 ]

"He Alone who owns the Youth, gains the future." - Adolf Hitler

Ok lets Start something more serious. This one should be harder to crack than the last one. I'll release this small excerpt for people who just want to crack the code. Then post the full thing encrypted at a later date.


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Anyway, Thought Over,

- Aaron

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