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#001 My First Blog post

posted 10 Jun 2017, 00:40 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 20 Aug 2017, 06:48 ]

Hullo to the 1 person who is probably gonna read this after I post it, and anyone else if I eventually decide to show this blog to anyone else. I already have a list of stuff to write about so I'm just gonna keep this short. I'll mainly use this blog for posting any ideas for things I have and any random thoughts I have that I feel like writing about, which happens pretty often so hopefully I'll post on here quite a lot. Anyway, after looking for the best way to start a blog, and some googling on how to set up anything on a website, I designed the background and the blog Icon up at the top of your browser (which I might end Up changing anyway), and this should be good to go now. I'll just upload the  Icon on here for future use just in case.

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