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#002 Phone Loop

posted 10 Jun 2017, 09:00 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 20 Aug 2017, 06:48 ]
A thought I had the other day was about how phones are probably gonna look in the future. I mean they're already becoming thinner, and soon they probably won't be able to go thinner without smashing like glass when you drop them.  (although at this point they're mostly glass anyway).

I've seen articles about "Flexible Technology" (Exhibit A) and how they're going to be the future, but I can't really see them being practical, they would just be more annoying to get out of your pocket since they aren't as bulky as phones. Also, I can see It would be frustrating using a touch screen when you constantly end up bending the screen from tapping too hard. 

What I think may be more likely is a multi-screen phone that snaps closed, almost like a 90s flip phone, except with an extended screen on the bottom instead of a keypad. After doing some research I found that quite a few things like this were being developed... back in 2011. (Exhibit B)  

Pretty sure the only reason these haven't taken off yet is that the technology isn't good enough yet. Just like MySpace And Facebook, the same concept, one with better technology. When phones get thinner and more fragile, I think a double reinforcement will be needed eventually. A Flip Phone will Protect the phone Screen, Make it stronger and give a bigger display. 
Anyway, Thought Over.


Exhibit A

imerj dual screen smart phone
Exhibit B