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#003 Money of the Mouth

posted 11 Jun 2017, 00:53 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 20 Aug 2017, 06:37 ]

Started thinking about "Value of words" the other day, and how Words are a lot like a currency of a country, except it's the "currency" of the person speaking. And I don't just mean that you can exchange them with others like money, but also that your words can decrease or increase in value in relation to the words of other people. If someone never stops talking, people will listen to them less, and their words hold less value, just like when a country produces more money, each note or coin is worth less. In the same way, if you rarely talk, the few words you say will be valued more by others. 

I also found a few other ways there are connections between words and money, foreign languages for example. I would compare foreign languages to someone holding up a coin you have never seen before and asking to buy things with it. Since you don't know the value of the currency, you cannot trade in it.  In a similar way, If you don't understand someone because of a heavy accent, it would be like damaged notes or disfigured coins. Some people may accept and understand it, others may not, either way, it's still valid currency, just not understood by everyone.
Anyway, Thought Over.



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