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#004 Outdated Technology

posted 16 Jun 2017, 13:29 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 20 Aug 2017, 06:37 ]
I remember seeing on a video somewhere about how technology is progressing faster and faster, and how the time it would take for a person in a time period to be amazed by future technology is getting exponentially shorter. For example, someone in the year 1900 would be amazed by credit cards, invented in 1950, but a person in 1950 would be amazed by the first personal computer, invented in 1975, and someone in 1975 would be amazed by the space shuttle in 1981. So the theory is that now its got to a point that every few years a breakthrough in technology is made. 

What I'm seeing though, is certain things that seem to have hit a wall, and aren't able to progress much further, so instead of making a major breakthrough, they just create a remake of the same thing again and again, because the rest of technology is limiting what they can do. I think that once the wall gets broken there may be a few more breakthroughs, like phones being able to be smaller or games becoming lifelike, but even then, that would only go so far. For games, once you hit as real as life, there's not really anywhere to go unless you try making something better than real life (good luck with that). 

In terms of phones, once the wall is broken, there may be a lot of variation that can happen, but there's still only gonna be maybe a few designs that are practical (Like I said in Article #2)  so I still can't see it going that far.  I think technology has hit a point where people wait for a giant breakthrough then make smaller breakthroughs using the larger one. Almost like a tree, with the giant branch sprouting smaller ones.
Anyway, Thought Over.


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