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#008 Construction of the Mind

posted 10 Aug 2017, 14:17 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 20 Aug 2017, 06:35 ]
I was watching Sherlock the other day and noticed the interesting mechanics of "Mind Palaces". A Mind Palace is supposedly a memory technique that involves envisioning a place in your mind, with certain parts of the place used to "store" certain information. I guess the theory is that picturing the information in your mind makes it easier to remember than just text. I don't have the best memory so I looked it up and not only is it a real technique, there's a WikiHow article on How to Build a Memory Palace.  

The article recommends basing the Memory Palace on a real place, since it is easier to remember a place you've already been to, but since it isn't 100% necessary, and since I can imagine far more interesting places than reality, I've decided I'll use a fake place, and just try to memorise it whenever I have spare time. I'm not really sure how effective it will be, but as of writing this, I've tried to picture things to remember them as a practice, and it seems to work quite well. As for how it will work when I'm picturing an entire world in my head, I have no idea, but it should still be better than pure memory, and maybe I can use it whenever I need to remember something really important. 

- Aaron