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#011 Monopolise The World

posted 16 Sept 2017, 02:22 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 16 Sept 2017, 02:22 ]
"The easiest things to control are your own creations"

I was reading some history books at school and realised how old most big companies are.  For example, the company Kodak was created in 1888, and today is known worldwide as one of the biggest camera and printing companies worldwide. I also read that even in 1976, they controlled 85% of all camera sales in the US and 90% of film sales. It's the same with Walkers, founded in 1948. if you think of the most famous crisps company, Walkers are usually the main one. I was thinking about how they're almost so famous that they have a full monopoly on their market. If you ever wanted to start a new business, something like crisps or cameras wouldn't really be the first thing you think of, since there's already the giant companies that have taken over the industries. 

An interesting thing I also read about Kodak was that they made the first popularized personal camera, making it easy to take photos anywhere. It's probably because of this that they became known as the camera company. I do business studies for my A Level and learned that this type of business structure is called an oligarchy, when an entire industry is taken over by a few giant companies. Apparently, it's been illegal for hundreds of years to have complete contol of an industry, but that doesn't stop a few giant companies sharing the market.

Anyway, I guess today you still get most of the older businesses owning most of the market, but I'm just wondering what happens if a giant business fails. Most of the time it'll be bought by another company to live on, or will have failed because the industry is becoming obsolete anyway, but if neither of those things happen, it would be interesting to see the effect on society, would the people panic as there's now a giant hole in the industry? or would the hole just get filled with smaller businesses that haven't been around as long?  (Almost like an apple tree I guess, If you cut down the giant tree, the apples that have fallen from it will just grow new small trees in its place unless you remove them). Anyway, Thought Over,


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