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#012 A Million Miles Away

posted 17 Sept 2017, 13:43 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 17 Sept 2017, 13:43 ]

"I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream" - Vincent Van Gogh

I was thinking about the far future, when space travel becomes a mainstream thing. Maybe not mainstream as in casually going to the moon for a weekly visit, but even mainstream enough that any person can decide they want to travel through space and go to live on a specific planet without having to be a highly trained astronaut. 

I was wondering what it would be like to live normally on earth in a future like that, possibly having friends or even family on a distant planet, unable to contact them. Even if satellites progress to a point to even send something like emails through space at a decent speed, that would be the only possible contact you could have with them. It wouldn't be like having a friend on the other side of the world, since at least if you really wanted to, you could book a plane and be there within a day or 2, and video calls would allow you to pretty much talk face to face. Space travel, on the other hand, would be too long and expensive to just go from place to place, so you wouldn't be able to go to someone unless you save up for a 1-way trip to join them living there.  

In a way, it would be like someone almost dies once they go to another planet. You know you can never see them again, unless you decide to join them, and leave the rest of the world behind. Maybe someone going to space would be worse than having someone die, since you know they're alive, and assuming satellites are evolved, you can still have some sort of communication with them, but never really talking, just question and answer. you would go outside and stare into space, not knowing how many people are out there, living all over the galaxy away from earth,

Then there's the other side, living alone on a planet with only the lifeline of delayed messages from earth (Even with satellite progression it would probably take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get messages through space). It would get really lonely, even assuming you chose a planet that has enough alien wildlife to keep you company for a while. Maybe inter-planetary communities would form, with people on planets that are close enough to have a video call becoming friends and leaving their old life behind. It would be a strange society if that happened, I wonder if the human mind could even handle something like that. Anyway, Thought Over,

- Aaron
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