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#017 The Kings Wall

posted 29 Jan 2018, 06:39 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 29 Jan 2018, 06:41 ]
"A Wise man never knows all, Only a fool knows everything." - African Proverb
Once upon a time, there was a land with 2 kingdoms. The first kingdom was ruled by a fair king, who was known for his wisdom and intricate solutions to any problem the kingdom faced. The second kingdom was ruled by an evil and greedy tyrant, who ruled with military force, was intent on conquering the land and was hated by his people

The two kingdoms had been at war for years, with the Evil King wanting the land and power capturing the other kingdom would bring. The Evil King's efforts had been efforts had been in vain so far, and he was starting to become angry to the point he was intent on destroying the wise king. He created one last plan to use all his army to break a hole in the kingdom wall and storm in. He decided the best course of attack was to focus on damaging a small area of the wall, give them a few hours to waste resources repairing and reinforcing the hole, then attack an entirely separate area of the wall, breaking through as they struggled to repair the wrong wall.

However, the Evil King had overlooked two things. First, that his people hated him, and many of his people were leaking information to the wise king, who allowed them to move to his kingdom for the information. Second, the Evil King was not aware of secret resource stashes the wise king had stored. This meant that when the first attack came, the wise king was ready. He allowed the first attack to succeed, leaving a damaged area of the wall and giving the impression he did not have knowledge of the plan. However, in the few hours he had, he created a plan of his own. He knew he could not leave the wall broken, as the soldiers would simply break in from there instead, but he also could not anticipate where the full attack would come from. However, with his extra resources, he knew he would be able to reinforce an area of the wall strong enough so the Evil King could not break through. So he enacted his plan and waited for the attack.

The Evil King and his army approached. The defending archers started firing but they reached the wall with minimal damage to their army and saw the wall had only been lightly repaired. The Evil King was slightly thrown off by this, but assumed the Wise King had fewer resources than he had originally believed so was unable to repair the wall. He decided to alter the plan and attack the weakened wall, as it would still be the easiest point of attack. 

The trebuchets began launching rocks at the area of the wall. As it was already damaged, it didn't take long to break through, and the Evil King's army was barely weakened by the archers. They approached the hole, only to find another wall behind the outer one. The Evil King was again slightly confused but commanded his army to attack this second wall, despite this bringing his army closer to the archers. The battle went on for another hour of attempting to breach this second wall before the Evil King realised what the Wise King had done. Nowhere in the wall had been reinforced at all, except for this point behind the weakened hole. This meant that while the original plan would have worked, attempting to break through this area of the wall meant breaking through all the resources of the kingdom, a small area of 20ft thick stone. 

The Evil King knew it was far too late to change his plan now, his army had suffered too much damage and would take more if he wasted time changing the point of attack. Without any other options other than retreating, he simply told his army to carry on. This went on for many more hours, the Evil King's army slowly being decayed by the arrows of the Wise King's archers, until eventually, the Evil Kings army was too weak to continue, and despite the overwhelming force the Evil King once had, he was now alone, and was easilly captured.

There are multiple lessons that could be chosen from this story. Maybe not to charge blindly into battles, or to learn to express your strengths as weaknesses, so your enemies do not know what they are walking into your area of expertise. Maybe it could be learned how wisdom will always beat power, since a wise man can make a small amount of power do far more than a simple man with large amounts. Whatever can be taken from it, I think it's a good story, so I guess here it is. 

Anyway, Thought Over,