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#019 Bystander

posted 19 Feb 2018, 06:46 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 19 Feb 2018, 06:54 ]
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

 There's a quote that's been popular and widely spread, "those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it". When I looked it up, the original quote came from a philosopher and writer who wrote the above. The Implications are interesting, it seems to suggest that history is on a linear timeline, and if you start where someone else left off, you will get the same results as the next generation in the timeline previously got.

Discrimination seems to follow a pattern with history. Generation 1 decides they don't like a group of people, and prominent figures spread this idea, whether it be the government or high profile figures/groups. Generation 2 is raised on the idea that the group of people is bad. It also seems there are always some people who question the ideas even at this early point, but they get drowned out by the ignorant masses who believe everything that is passed down to them. At Generation 3, there starts to be a fight against the ideas, since the majority of the generation that started the ideas are no longer young enough to push their ideas anymore, and Generation 2 just accepted the beliefs without knowing how to fight for it. After this, it seems to vary. Depending on the remaining strength of Generation 1 and 2, there is a social battle to end the discrimination by Generation 3 that will last for some time. After there is equality,  there is a brief period of peace until Generation 4 decides there is a new group of people who they don't like and promptly rename themselves to Generation 1 to restart the loop.

So if this seems to repeat,  I guess my generation is Generation 3, since all the racism against Islam and various other groups seems to be coming mainly from the older generations who have the power to vote and say whatever they want with no repercussions. For example, Donald Trump is clearly Generation 1, with large amounts of his voters being brought up on his ideas as Generation 2. Due to the Improvement in communication since the last cycle, other countries that have not yet restarted the cycle can now comment on his actions and try to stop Generation 1 from going further in a global, more powerful way than ever before.

It almost seems like Trump has delayed the cycle for a lot of people who would be Generation 1, since we now get an outside view which prevents us from going the same direction. It's like he's absorbed some of the hate that would be sent around by having everyone direct it at his extremist views instead. I guess hate is always going to exist until the world either runs out of groups to fight against (In which case they'll probably just revisit a very old group) or until someone finds a way to globally spread a message powerful enough to stop it, and create the first Generation 0, who spreads the message and won't go any further.
 Anyway, Thought Over,

- Aaron
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