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#021 The Untangled Truth

posted 12 Mar 2018, 02:51 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 12 Mar 2018, 02:52 ]
"The truth is a line of string. It begins and ends wherever you decide to cut it.

What is truth? It's an important question since it seems to be used as a universal wager of morality, yet somehow no one seems aware of what they're measuring. According to Google's dictionary, truth is: "that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality". This seems to say that if something can be backed up undeniably by either a pre-existing fact or reality itself, it must be seen as true. And yet from what I can see, fact and reality are largely different types of truth. Truth according to fact isn't really the truth. The large majority of "facts" are basically a single person deciding at some point that something just is, without any reasoning, and then the whole world follows this newfound "fact" that has been created for no reason at all. For example, why are trees called trees? Why does breaking a small part off of a tree make it a branch? Why are the leaves sprouting from it called what they are? The answer is because they just are. At some point thousands of years ago someone pointed to the ground and called it land, then their friend pointed to the things sprouting from the land and called them trees. And so on till everything had a name. Then everyone started following the example of these people and after some time these names became undeniable "truth" that nobody can fault, simply because that's just how it's worked for all these years, and anyone attempting to fault what's been here for that long must just be an idiot. After all, there's no way that something has just been wrong for hundreds of years, right?

Now that all seems like just a stupid idea to try and rant about trees for a few minutes. But what if the words are suddenly replaced? What if I change them to words that do start to affect people? Instead of Tree's and branches let's talk insults, like Fat and Ugly. The reasoning is still exactly the same. The only reason people are "Fat" or "Ugly" is because a long time ago someone pointed at someone else and decided they were Ugly, and being Ugly made them bad. Then another person did the same for the word Fat, and they got others to follow their example, and being Fat and Ugly was now outlawed by society, with no proof and no reason, the same way that trees are called what they are because one day someone decided their opinion was suddenly more valid than anyone else and managed to get everyone to believe it.  Really truth from fact only exists as far as people accept it. It only remains true if someone reinforces it and tries to stop people questioning it. Because once it is questioned, it's realised how little it can really be backed up by anything other than "it just is". I think people need to stop accepting things as truth just because it's always been that way. After all, a mistake repeated a million times is still a mistake. 
Anyway, Thought Over,

- Aaron