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#022 The Marx List

posted 28 Mar 2018, 02:44 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 28 Mar 2018, 07:59 ]

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Albert Einstein

Maybe good and bad aren't as close to each other as I thought. Although there are definitely grey areas of morality in decisions, I think their comes a point where someone does something that shows they're 100% on the side of bad, no matter how you look at it. I've decided I'm gonna start keeping track of where I see things like this online, as well as tracking people who I believe act in the best interest of humanity. I've called it "The Marx List" after Karl Marx, a philosopher from the 19th century. The list is stored in an public Google Spreadsheet and I'm gonna set down some rules for it. 

  • The Good and Bad Columns store the name of the person, with a link to a page with info about them (Generally Wikipedia, just to clarify who they are)
  • Good is sorted into Levels, with each cause they have shown to fight for adding an extra Level. (The second sheet shows a list of all things that add a level)
  • The Bad side doesn't have levels, there's one single bar they have to cross to get on the list.
  • Both sides have a Reference Column to put in links to evidence that I believe makes them worthy of the list. (Just in case I forget or someone wants to know)
  • Like I said in the first paragraph, this list is for people who go for or against the best interest of humanity, and whose views stop or push human progression.
  • The person must have irrefutable evidence against them, I.E: Video evidence, not a second hand note of what they supposedly said, unless it's been heavily proven.
  • The Offence has to be very serious, and done by a medium that it could influence a large portion of humanity in a negative way.
  • Good does not have such restrictions, although good evidence is needed, I'l be more lenient.
  • Good also does not need a serious action, their views just need to be aligned with views from the list of levels, and they need to publicly show their support for the cause.
  • The person as a whole doesn't matter. If their actions are causing a good effect on humanity, they are seen as good. 
The List is on the Side Panel as well as being accessed from bit.ly/MarxList.

This list is only what I see, so it'll take time to grow, but I should end up with a good list of people who are against human progression, as well as noting references for people who help it.