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#023 Tower of Shadows

posted 31 Mar 2018, 12:33 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 31 Mar 2018, 12:33 ]
"The world is a two-sided coin, getting closer to equality with each flip."

I noticed there seems to be an interesting pattern in history. it links with #019 , because I realised that every time someone fights against something in society, that area of discrimination is then forever written as no longer generally acceptable going forward, and the extent to which the discrimination against someone else occurs is lowered. All that's then left is to wait for the generation that still believes in it to die out and the only ones left are raised on the ideas and laws that whatever the fight was for is now unacceptable. Society seems to be moving closer to total equality, as each generation destroys a glaring problem in their society to move them forward. The scale of the problems has massively died down from previous problems. While in the 1800's Generation 3 was fighting for slavery, where people were slaughtered and starved, mine is faced with fine tuning. Everyone has equal rights in theory, but there's a few things that need to be addressed, like  making sure the laws are believed in and followed.

Something that as always seems to have made this more complex is technology. The theory is that every country should eventually hit full equality, as each generation becomes more developed than the last, but communication with other nations at different speeds of development means that there is an inconsistency between what is globally accepted and what a single country has accepted. This also allows for large companies based in a country where slavery is illegal to simply use sweatshops abroad, where minimum wage laws don't properly exist. It means if you were to draw a global line on the chart, it would be lower than a country like the UK, as although all nations have decided killing people in an arena for crimes like stealing as a form of entertainment isn't acceptable, not all of them are at the same points for equal rights, so the Global line is moving significantly slower than most nations. It would be impossible to organise every country in the world to boost up to the current level that more developed countries are at, and even the UK and USA are behind countries like the Netherlands that have been equal and accepting for years. I think the only thing to do is wait and hope that nobody starts a war to tear people apart in the meantime. Anyway, Thought Over,

- Aaron