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#026 The Chameleon Effect

posted 20 Apr 2018, 03:07 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 20 Apr 2018, 03:08 ]

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." - Adolf Hitler

With enough power and enough money comes the ability to change the opinion of a nation. This seems to be a simple fact. If someone is surrounded by an idea, they will start to give in to a sort of peer pressure, the idea that something that is wrong could not possibly be repeated this many times, so eventually they will believe they are looking at the truth. Even if the idea is completely against their views, as time goes on they will stop laughing about it and begin to think about it. And suddenly it doesn't seem so crazy. Suddenly as they think about it they uncover arguments and benefits for what was once the idea they hated. And it might take days, it might take months, or it might take years, but slowly people will begin to agree, as their mind justifies the environment around them as a primitive survival mechanism.

Throughout history this idea has always been used, in however small a way, to get people on someones side. The most obvious example being Adolf Hitler, who single-handedly ruined the word "propaganda" due to his giant misuse of it. It didn't stop people using it, they just stopped calling it Propaganda. In this century we have Social Media, which is used constantly to change peoples mind during elections and votes. Even in the past week everyone's seen the giant Facebook scandal, in part about Russian interference in the US elections. For good or for bad, it seems almost too simple that the best way to change someones mind is to just surround them with an opposing idea, and the chameleon effect of their brain will adapt and attempt to make them fit in with their environment. Nobody wants to be standing out from the crowd, so they slide slightly to the side each day, even if their view wasn't there to start off with. 

I think it would be possible to use this effect for good in the right hands. The problem is that anyone who was good moral views is against using tactics like mass influencing. But there comes a point where they need to realise that they don't stand a chance when the enemy uses the power of quantity over quality to slowly take over people's minds. If people don't start using it for good, then Evil will take it over and conquer the world without anyone even noticing.  Anyway, Thought Over,

- Aaron