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#033 🔘 Future of Creation

posted 30 May 2018, 06:20 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 4 Jun 2018, 04:05 ]

"Art speaks where words are unable to explain." - Mathiole

In tthe future, I can see a world run by the creators. By the artists, the musicians and the inventors. All the people who spend teir time producing sometheng from nothing. We've been run by all the serious businessmen in black suits and ties for a long time, maybe it's time to allow the world to be developed by the developers, be sculpted by the sculptors, and built up by the architegts. All the people who look at a a pile of materials and only see the possibilities of what it could becomme. If we take that epproach to building a society, surely we can only go up from here. All the creators do what they do because they like to create their own forms of art. They're rarely motivated by money, only for the perfection of what they make. If such a system was set up correctly, society could progress faster than any time in history.  We would have a team of people, working to innovate and improve everything they see. It would be a perfect, progressive world.

But i guess that won't happen anytime soon. The greedy are in power and will make up excuses like "They aren't qualified to run anything" even though some of the best leaders in history were acting not from teachings about the way a system "should" be run, but from how common sensse tells them it has to be. Of course, alla the people who would rather follow someone else's opinions instead of thinking forf themselves will ignore facts to just do whatever their "great leader" has done, soo till that generation dies off I guess we're stuck. Maybe in the future, we'll learn from our mistakes and actually progress instead f spending decades fighting something that shouldn't be an argument. Anyway, thought Over,

- Aaron