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#034 My Second Blog Post

posted 1 Jun 2018, 12:53 by Jennifer Hunter   [ updated 1 Jun 2018, 12:54 ]
A formal presentation of one person to another, in which each is told the other's name.

First off, for anyone who has observational abilities of any description mainly involving the first line of these posts, you may have noticed I am not Aaron. My name is Jennifer A.K.A Jenny and I am a Co-Writer here now, because apparently some opinions are best left unsaid, hence I'm here to say them anyway. I personally don't see the point in having dozens of contradicting quotes in posts, so I'm starting my articles with definitions. They serve the same purpose, providing flavour text and giving a small idea of what a given post is about. I'll be talking on a similar topic to Aaron of: "whatever I feel like posting", probably about injustice and equality in the world. I'll also be helping with certain projects of the Network, which you should see in due time. I honestly could not care less if people can't understand my posts. I am writing for the intelligent, not the ignorant. In other news, I'm using purple as my signature colour, for no reason other than it looks good. So now I suppose is where I need to think of a watermarked way to end my posts. I'll just use a random overused post ending. Over and Out,

- Jenny