posted 6 Sept 2018, 11:50 by TERMINAL   [ updated 6 Sept 2018, 11:50 ]
A Man Walks Into a Bar.
A Christian Walks into a Bar
A White Supremacist walks into a Bar.

Could be Three People,
Could just be one person with Three Traits.
Guess the only way to know is how many drinks are ordered.
But what do we do with that data?
A Drunk could order three drinks after a long day of being a Christian,
praying at White Supremacist Camp.

Or a Group of Three could order One drink. 
Maybe its a bottle that they're sharing.
Maybe the other two aren't thirsty.
No way to know unless you count the shoes walking to the bar.
But if a man has Three legs, it could skew the results.
What if they have Four?
What about Five?
What if a man walks in with 20 Legs? 
Then by counting the feet, 
We have a Party going with one guy.
I Bet some people might get emotional,
 that White Supremacists are included in there.
Might get to some people, like people that are Muslim,
Or Black,
Or White Nationalists...

Two out of Three of those People are right to be emoting.
One of them is angry for random reasons.
Probably because they're used to being angry at everything.
But what if all of the above were the same person?
Guess it would be an ironic looking Emo Muslim,
"I hate myself and anyone like me"
Doesn't look like many people are like that.

Not that it matters anyway,
Because at the end of the day, 
The White Nationalist gets shot in the face,
and all the others live happily ever after.
(After being served at the Bar)