posted 6 Sept 2018, 11:19 by TERMINAL   [ updated 6 Sept 2018, 11:21 ]
Down the Rabbit Hole we go,
 where do we stop, 
no one knows...

There are Rabbits here.
Makes sense I suppose,
being a Rabbit Hole and all.
Doesn't make the rabbits any less surprising.
What if rabbits staged an uprising?
surely with the way they multiply, people wouldn't stand a chance.
Though I guess we out mass them, need a lot of rabbits to make a person.
but they would have more teeth, so maybe they could win.
Not that it matters, since they couldn't speak to be able to form any kind of democracy.
Although they talk in Rabbit.
I guess to rabbits, we don't talk either.
In fact we're the only species that can fully understand what we're saying.
And even then, only by people who speak our language.
I wonder if the rabbits speak languages?
Could an American rabbit understand an Asian rabbit?
I guess they all look the same, so racists are covered there.
should probably be careful, being that I'm still in a rabbit hole.
But why is it a rabbit hole? 
If i put a fox in it,
does it become a Fox Hole?
What if there's both?
Then the Fox eats the rabbit.
Survival of the fittest I suppose.
Unless it's a Rabbit Hole.