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#7 My Last Day of School

posted 23 Jun 2017, 15:55 by Aaron Brownlee   [ updated 23 Jun 2017, 15:56 ]
So, In my school, there are posters on many teachers doors saying "A Reading Recommendation from *Teacher Name*". Probably to encourage reading. So, as yesterday was My last day of year 11 and therefore school (except I'm going back for 6th form) I, like many others, decided to have some fun. while some people opted for silly string everywhere or for sticking A4 pictures of a picture of the deputy head up everywhere, I decided to get onto Paint.net and create some of my own posters. I made 5 of them in total, 2 aimed at specific teachers, 3 at departments in general. I'll put those in the second column. Anyway, I decided I would get in really early and stick them either over the original posters or up somewhere in the department. 

So, I got in early, armed with blutack I bought the day before, and managed to get all 5 posters up. The first 4 were unnoticed, but on the last one, which was right next to the deputy head's office, although he didn't see me putting it up as such, right before I was going to put it up, he walked by, so I had to pretend I was looking in my bag at a script for a speech I was doing. He probably then got back to find a poster stuck in the exact place I was standing, so I think he may have put 2 and 2 together there.

Anyway, first part of my day was a success, next part was a speech I had to do recounting memories of my form. Me and someone else were nominated to make this a few weeks ago, but with both of us being procrastinators, a lot of it was made 2 days ago, and the last part was written by me the night before, so the person I was reading it with had no clue what the last part it said until I handed them the final script 5 minutes before we were reading it. Regardless, it went really well, mostly because with us both being procrastinators, we were also good at improvising something we had never read aloud fully (As well as improvising a few lines that we still hadn't finished). It made the year group laugh around a dozen times, mostly with jokes that hadn't 100% been cleared by teachers. It also turned out that no other form had really planned their speech much, one form hadn't even told anyone to make one, so ours probably stood out as the best. That meant ironically, ours seemed to be the best planned, when 50% of the work had happened within the last 2 days. We also went first, which sort of made ours the start point, and kind of made the rest look worse in comparison. I also got compliments about how good it was from people I had rarely spoken to in the last 5 years, so that was good.

Anyway, After that, It was a few speeches from the head of year and the head teacher, and that was school done with at about 11 o clock.  Afterwards, me and some friends went to McDonalds, and then to Cassiobury Park, along with 90% of the year. Most of them were drinking or smoking, one or two were even smoking weed. I was probably only 1 of about half a dozen people who didn't drink anything throughout the few hours (Well, no alcohol, I drank loads of Coke). We mainly just sat around and talked and went on a walk when we were bored at one point. An hour or two in 2 of the school's deputy heads showed up to pick up all the beer bottles that were now scattered around the field. Half the people ran when they saw them coming, before realising a few minutes later that they didn't care that everyone was drinking (Didn't see the ones smoking weed return though). Anyway, eventually, people started leaving at about 3PM and I decided to go too, mainly using Google maps to navigate home.