Welcome to Project Trimposter.
If you missed the main post, I will explain.
I have converted my Twitter account to mimic that of a right wing Trump supporter.
My goal will be to attempt to gain a large group of followers who support Trump.
From there, we will then have a secret platform of a normally unreachable audience, as well as a window into the enemy view.

I will update this page as I go along, documenting my findings of this experiment.

- Jen


posted 15 Sept 2018, 12:59 by Jennifer Hunter   [ updated 15 Sept 2018, 13:09 ]

I am just under 36 Hours into the experiment, and with the help of a few follow back accounts, the current follower count is 108 Followers. This means that only a few of those followers are the subjects I am looking for, but my intentions were more to gain respect and recognition for future followers, via the illusion of a follower base, rather than to immediately gain hardcore republicans. This may be easier than I thought, I suppose we'll see.

I should also note I am already running into exactly what I was expecting, Alt Right Cartoons such as the Following:
This should be interesting as I continue to grow. I'll update here again soon.

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